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Faith Harris has a voice that has been described as powerful and dynamic, her music, a breath of fresh air. Well-versed in the art of creating smooth jazz, soul, hardcore jazz, and blues, as well as world music, Faith doesn’t merely command her audience’s attention: she captivates their imaginations.  

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I am totally blown away. What an honest and beautiful harmony of divine vocals and truly talented musicians. I want my purchase autographed so I can frame it. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derrick Morse

If The Time Is Right is not a breath of fresh air than I don’t know what is. If you like smooth jazz, soul, blues and even hardcore jazz, this title right up your alley. Ann Faith Harris is unknown to me but after hearing this CD, I wish I’d heard it years earlier. But if jazz isn’t your thing there is still a lot to compel any listener. This is a great way to relax or pull something out for a formal party, it has it all if that is your comfort zone. It takes you on a classy journey through some smoldering cuts that you’ll remember. Two of which stand out the most, being “Street Life” and the title song which opens the collection. The former might have some familiarity to it, as it has been done before but she takes the old tune up a notch. It’s the only song where the “smooth jazz” can be found, surrounded by more traditional jazz and vocal music. She even dresses it up with her own stuff. It bodes well with the opening track as my two picks. “The Time Is Right” gets her message completely across with no hesitation, as it opens the proceedings with a world class vocal delivery that never lets you down as the CD carries on. It has several moods to choose from, most of them upbeat but a few more sorrowful tracks can be found. On “Brother Can You Spare A Dime” she ponders the higher life and being a starving musician, as contained in the lyrics. And on “Morning Glory” she sends a chill up the spine with a haunting studio vocal performance. It’s probably my third favorite track, as it contains another world class presentation by her and everyone involved. And that standard is maintained everywhere, as there really are no fillers on this record. It is that good, and so are the musicians, as they all can be evenly heard as they are precisely produced. And you just can’t find a stick in the mud anywhere on this. “Hide Myself From View” is another stand out track with a very soulful singing style that is very laid back, but beautifully delivered. It gives a little time to reflect before continuing to enjoy something that never skips a beat in the flawless track arrangement. This can also be concluded on “Open Door” and “We Will Find A Way.” As they both stand out among everything as the diamonds they are too. And “Pace” is another great track. It closes with a reprise of the title track with some spoken word to top it off gracefully and wrap up a grand jubilant effort.

Kevin Webber

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