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Faith Harris

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Faith Harris’ musical career began when, under her mother’s tutelage, a classically-trained vocalist, she started singing hymns and anthems in her family church, St. Phillips Episcopal.

Faith’s first album, “The Time Is Right” (2012), cemented her sound as a jazz musician. Her second album, “What Matters” (2021), released in celebration of Black History Month, is her gentle contribution towards encouraging mutual respect, personal responsibility, and love worldwide.

“I regard the music I make as a mindful meditation, a prayer as well as storytelling to encourage and uplift the human spirit and condition,” she says.

Faith puts care and attention to everything she creates but holds some of her work closer to her heart for the message it imparts.

The tracks “Paradise” and “What Matters” off her latest album reverberate deeply with messages of accountability – both to ourselves and those with who we share our world.

“Huge challenges are confronting us from homelessness to social justice, to climate change. And we are all connected and interdependent. We have the capacity to create the best – find solutions that work for all – of the worst in our life experience,” she says.

She explores the plain state of being human deeply through her music too. Original compositions “I Belong To You” and “Have You Ever Seen” speak of finding true and enduring love at any age.

Faith’s life journey is a testament to her dedication to her craft. She studied piano and participated in choirs and ensembles at school. After completing her BA degree, in Black Studies and Vocal Performance from the University of Buffalo, Faith founded and directed a community choir called the Imani Music Workshop. She led the 7-vocalist and rhythm section band as lead songwriter. She also arranged most of the music and played piano for much of the band’s work.

The Imani Music Workshop toured with and opened for many musical acts, including Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind & Fire, the Ojays, and Freddie Hubbard.

As a solo artist, Faith has played alongside jazz icons such as Pharaoh Saunders, Leon Thomas, Doc Cheatham, Eddie Chamblee, and Jack McDuff.

Faith has displayed just as much dedication in her career in public service and teaching. Now she returns to her first passion: creating beautiful music for a global audience.

In Atlanta, home to many outstanding Jazz musicians, Faith has performed at several legendary jazz hot spots like the famous Churchill Grounds, Dante’s Down The Hatch, and Twain’s, as well as more contemporary/community venues such as Café 290, Venkman’s, Louisiana Bistro and the Universal Joint.

Faith Harris is excited to release her sophomore album, “What Matters,” as another exquisitely produced offering highlighting her signature sound, composition, and positivity.

Joining Faith on this project are Jazz musical giants, including keyboardist/recording artist William Menefield, as Producer/arranger, the incredible stylings of Larry Wilson on drums who doubled as the project’s recording engineer. Other artist collaborators include Joel Powell-bass, Ethan Ridings-guitar, Emorah Kotan-percussion, Melvin Jones-trumpet, Derrick James-Saxophone, David A. Lane-background vocals, and Tasleem Dawud-Spoken Word. Tyrone Jackson noted pianist/composer/arranger, remixed, and mastered the project.

What People Are Saying

Thank you for sending us your song. The vocals delivery is superb and the lyrical message is brilliant. The instrumental is calm and refreshing with awesome transitions and breaks. My audience will like this. Good job, keep it up! I will be waiting to hear your next release.


You have an amazing voice! The message was beautiful and clear, vocals were loud and bold. Love your performance and the instrumental was equally lovely. 

Glacer FM

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