New Thought Guest Speaker and Special Music

Dr. Ann Faith Harris, New Thought Speaker

Licensed Religious Science Practitioner


Dr. (Ann) Faith Harris, a licensed Religious Science Practitioner, is passionate about recognizing and celebrating the presence of God in all individuals and situations.

In addition to her spiritual and creative pursuits, she has a long career as a public administrator working in State and Local government as well as various institutions of higher education. With an expertise in equal opportunity compliance, diversity, and cultural competence, she has committed her professional life with the intention to advance social justice, access, and inclusion for all. A certified mediator in the State of Georgia, Dr. Harris pursues a path of inspired peace maker and guided problem solver, to actualize the highest good and healing in the affairs of
individuals, communities, and organizations.

Faith is extremely excited about her completion of ministerial studies through the Emersion Institute with the Reverend Tony Crapolicchio, Founder, of the Trinity Center for Spiritual Living (TCSL) in Atlanta, GA. Faith has been a long-time member of TCSL and has served as a Prayer Practitioner, Board Member, Guest Speaker and Musical Artist. She frequently provides special music for the Spiritual Living Center Atlanta and is looking to expand guest speaking and musical performance to other New Thought communities.

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